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ooommmggg I think I'm in love. We're picky about our pizza and have to say, this pizza was pretty darn delicious. The "rattlesnakes" (jalapeño bacon wrapped poppers) were spicy but SO good (I'm not a fan of spice because I'm a weenie). My mouth burned a little but I kept eating them. The pizza crust was fantastic. My one year old son asked for a bite and I told him no. Just kidding, he actually ate a whole slice himself and it's hard to get him to eat anything except yogurt and bananas. 10/10 definitely eating here all of the time (except for when we think we will eat healthy but even then worth cheating on any diet).

Jennifer G.

Really great pizza! We've ordered this a couple times through Uber Eats and have not been disappointed.

Kristina L.

Second time I've ordered from this place, absolutely fantastic food. The pizza is top notch the jalapeño poppers wrapped in bacon are phenom a nom nom! I tried the teriyaki wings this time and these might be some of the best wings I've ever had! I went with the Hawaiian style pizza, yes pineapples can go on pizza, it is fantastic! I'm about to grab down on some of these wings now!

Thaise L.